Special teams

As announced a couple weeks ago, we are forming several new leadership teams to manage our growing body of Guardians.   Today we are happy to announce the 2016 Voice and Support Cadre.

As you know, the establishment of Cadres in Temple Guardians is a new project, and as with anything new, it is subject to course corrections along the way.  As we began laying groundwork, we realized that for the first year at least, it would make sense to combine the Voice and Support Cadres in order to best address a number of interests that overlap between them.

The goal of the Voice and Support Cadre is to identify issues, challenges, and innovations that pertain to doing our work smoothly and effectively. The group will seek to provide solutions to immediate concerns, to aid in the ongoing definition of the roles and responsibilities of the Voices and Support team, to improve training and mentoring of Voices, and to guide Voices as leaders of the Guardians during their shifts.

The cadre will meet regularly on playa to share and note information collected, and to address immediate concerns. They will also meet during the year to analyze the previous year’s operations and use the lessons learned to help the Guardians council provide better support to the team as a whole.

Your 2016 Voice and Support Cadre is:

Bill ‘Kahuna’ Sine   kahuna@templeguardians.org
Fernando ‘Bizo’ Silva   bizo@templeguardians.org
Heidi ‘Mistral’ Ladner   mistral@templeguardians.org
John ‘Flamingo John’ Archer   flamingo@templeguardians.org

Each of these guardians has served for several years in the roles that the Cadre will support.  We look forward to working together to support and improve your experience as a guardian and provide an even better service to our community.

If you have any questions about this or anything else regarding the Temple Guardians, please contact us on templeguardians@burningman.org

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Thank you and feedback request

Thank you for an outstanding year of service at the Temple. We know that
you worked hard, both to be who and what is needed to hold the space of the
Temple, but also who you held yourselves to be in the face of technical and
logistical challenges that were a part of a restructuring of our team in to
a department this year. We have put down seeds that, while not fully
having reached their full potential, have nevertheless already begun to
show the promise of their design. We are already seeing the leadership
that those team members have been willing to bring to their work that will
help us as a department to advance our capabilities.

We also wish to thank and commend you for how you represented us to other
teams and departments at Burning Man. Each year that we continue to assist
and work with other departments on playa, we strengthen our bonds as
members of the Burning Man family. This helps us considerably when we
request cooperation from other teams, and we have been called out
specifically this year for services provided to the Rangers when they
needed us. Thanks are owed to everyone who assisted with that, and all
Guardians who worked with and around our brothers and sisters in the
Rangers at the Temple this year.

Rangers, Fire, and Safety were all very pleased with our performance at the
Temple burn this year as well, and, while we are still expanding the
leadership and experience of our burn day team, we have achieved enormous
progress over the years with making the burn a safe and well-managed
event. This progress is seen and noticed.

We know that there are many areas of our team that are still under
development and we want to make certain that we are getting accurate
information about your experience at the Temple. It would be a true
contribution from you to the Temple Guardians as a while if you can take
the time to fill out our feedback survey located here: https://goo.gl/forms/S5oqzKzSUfguv66N2
Some Guardians have let us know that they did not receive their bandannas
or other items, if you did not, please fill out this contact form so that
we can set one aside for you: https://goo.gl/forms/BRgPZHg7aVWA4okj2

We’ve also had some requests for another run of t-shirts and hoodies.
We’re collecting information for that here: http://goo.gl/forms/xEsZqj2Ksz
and we will begin the process of getting shirts printed as soon as we have
interest for at least 25 garments.

Lastly, please update your records to make sure we have your current email
and mailing address on your Burner Profile: http://profiles.burningman.org

Thank you for the great contribution that you are to the Temple and to our
community as a whole. We will miss you while we are away, and we look
forward to seeing your shining faces at our next Temple in 2017!

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Moving forward together

The gates to Black Rock City open a mere six weeks from now, and there are still challenges between us and our arrival home. The most important of these is preparing ourselves to be of service to our community at the Temple with a unity of purpose. We stand ready to hold the space that our community calls forth to create the Temple and to hold the intention that the artists and builders put into their work.

Each year as Temple Guardians, we stand for the promise of the Temple. This promise, that a miracle, a healing, or a reconnection with joy in life will occur, is something that none of us take lightly. We are drawn together by this common purpose, and our deep love for people. We want you to know that your love is echoed back and magnified many fold by both your team and by the participants whose lives you make a difference in. In ways that none of us will ever fully know, the work that we do matters, and we are committed that this year you feel more supported than ever before.

For our outgoing council and those collaborating on Homage camp, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Temple Guardians. We will be building on the excellent work that you have done, and appreciate your reaching out to us via the cadres below. For those who have already signed up for shifts, your shift schedules will not be altered.

To help serve our commitment of enhanced support for all Temple Guardians, we have been working to create all new training. This training, developed with professional personal development coaches, is designed to offer something new to each of your lives that resonates long after the Temple burns.

We are also forming several new leadership teams to manage our growing body of Guardians. These teams will be supporting previously underserved areas. These are:

Voice Cadre: This group is responsible for collecting information on the experience of Voices and Guardians on shift. On playa, the Voice cadre meets daily to ensure everyone understands challenges we are facing, and that solutions are provided with immediacy. They will also meet during the year to analyze the previous year’s operations and use the lessons learned to help the Guardians council provide better support to the team as a whole.

We are enormously proud to say that Flamingo John, veteran Voice, ombudsman, and Guardian will be taking a key role in building this team for 2016. This will be a six seat cadre, and we will be recruiting five additional members. If you are interested in being considered please contact cherub@burningman.org

Support Cadre: ‘Support’ is our behind the scenes team that ensures everything required on a shift is provided to the Voice(s) as needed. The support cadre will meet daily on playa and regularly during the year to ensure that back end support is working smoothly. These Guardians will also be working to bolster our training by helping us design and implement our first mentorship program, which we expect to debut in 2017. This will be a six seat cadre, and we will be recruiting four additional members. If you are interested in being considered please contact cherub@burningman.org

Communication Team: To meet the community’s need to be kept up to date and ensure sacred space, the communications team will be providing clear and concise information and will be available to support conflict resolution. This team will be tasked to ensure timely updates to promptly address community issues and concerns. If you are interested in joining this team, please contact minda.aguhob@burningman.org

Volunteer Coordination Team: We are developing a team of six to handle all aspects of scheduling and supporting our people to make and meet their scheduling commitments. We are recruiting three additional members for this team, so if you have interest in the VC team, please contact tonya.winter@burningman.org

Home Team: The Home team creates our central home and camp on the playa. They are responsible for both the physical aspects of our camp and training area, as well as creating and holding space for the Guardians to find our center. If you are interested in this team and/or joining the Temple Guardians Home at Do More Now village, please contact minda.aguhob@burningman.org

Guardians council members are available to you regularly on playa. We are eager to receive feedback about your experiences. Our community would not exist without the unique and valued contribution of each of you.

In service to being the pebble that creates ripples on the still waters of our grief and sorrow, carrying love out viagrausa-online.com/ from our tiny oasis in the desert to a world that calls out for something more, your Council:

Steve ‘Cherub’ Cabrera cherub@burningman.org
Minda ‘The Oracle’ Aguhob minda.aguhob@burningman.org
Tonya ‘Green Eyes’ Winter tonya.winter@burningman.org
Jake ‘Carousel’ Markow carousel@burningman.org

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