Temple Guardian Home supports the Temple Guardians. This staff camp is a home for burners who wish to have service as the center of their experience on playa.

This year, Temple Guardians Home is supporting Guardians from within The Do More Now Village at 7:30 & Botticelli. Run by the newly formed Home team, we source the Guardians’ transformative energy for the playa.


• Create a sacred space everywhere – at the Temple, and wherever we gather.
• Courageously stand for peace and resolve conflicts directly.
• Out of breakdowns, we create breakthroughs.

Temple Guardians come from all over the playa. There is no ‘right’ place to camp, but if you wish to camp with us, the promise of the Temple Guardians Home is a grounded source of love and service to bring to the Temple and the world.

Applications for 2016 are closed.