On Playa FAQ

Q: Where is training?

A: 7:15 and C at Temple Guardians Home in the Do More Now village Look for the big orange semi trailer!

Q: Where do I check in for my shift?

A: At Outpost Zero half way between the man and the temple off the 9 o’clock side of the promenade. Look for the signs.

Q: When is training?

A: Sunday 9/28 at 7pm, Monday – Thursday at 3pm (If you do not sign up for training via shiftboard you will have to wait after training to get your credentials. This will take a long time. You cannot check in for your shift without your credentials.)

Q: When is the burn perimeter training?

A: Friday at 3pm

Q: Can I walk on a shift?

A: Please sign up for shifts via shiftboard. You cannot check in to a shift that you are not signed up for.