Special teams

As announced a couple weeks ago, we are forming several new leadership teams to manage our growing body of Guardians.   Today we are happy to announce the 2016 Voice and Support Cadre.

As you know, the establishment of Cadres in Temple Guardians is a new project, and as with anything new, it is subject to course corrections along the way.  As we began laying groundwork, we realized that for the first year at least, it would make sense to combine the Voice and Support Cadres in order to best address a number of interests that overlap between them.

The goal of the Voice and Support Cadre is to identify issues, challenges, and innovations that pertain to doing our work smoothly and effectively. The group will seek to provide solutions to immediate concerns, to aid in the ongoing definition of the roles and responsibilities of the Voices and Support team, to improve training and mentoring of Voices, and to guide Voices as leaders of the Guardians during their shifts.

The cadre will meet regularly on playa to share and note information collected, and to address immediate concerns. They will also meet during the year to analyze the previous year’s operations and use the lessons learned to help the Guardians council provide better support to the team as a whole.

Your 2016 Voice and Support Cadre is:

Bill ‘Kahuna’ Sine   kahuna@templeguardians.org
Fernando ‘Bizo’ Silva   bizo@templeguardians.org
Heidi ‘Mistral’ Ladner   mistral@templeguardians.org
John ‘Flamingo John’ Archer   flamingo@templeguardians.org

Each of these guardians has served for several years in the roles that the Cadre will support.  We look forward to working together to support and improve your experience as a guardian and provide an even better service to our community.

If you have any questions about this or anything else regarding the Temple Guardians, please contact us on templeguardians@burningman.org

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