Thank you and feedback request

Thank you for an outstanding year of service at the Temple. We know that
you worked hard, both to be who and what is needed to hold the space of the
Temple, but also who you held yourselves to be in the face of technical and
logistical challenges that were a part of a restructuring of our team in to
a department this year. We have put down seeds that, while not fully
having reached their full potential, have nevertheless already begun to
show the promise of their design. We are already seeing the leadership
that those team members have been willing to bring to their work that will
help us as a department to advance our capabilities.

We also wish to thank and commend you for how you represented us to other
teams and departments at Burning Man. Each year that we continue to assist
and work with other departments on playa, we strengthen our bonds as
members of the Burning Man family. This helps us considerably when we
request cooperation from other teams, and we have been called out
specifically this year for services provided to the Rangers when they
needed us. Thanks are owed to everyone who assisted with that, and all
Guardians who worked with and around our brothers and sisters in the
Rangers at the Temple this year.

Rangers, Fire, and Safety were all very pleased with our performance at the
Temple burn this year as well, and, while we are still expanding the
leadership and experience of our burn day team, we have achieved enormous
progress over the years with making the burn a safe and well-managed
event. This progress is seen and noticed.

We know that there are many areas of our team that are still under
development and we want to make certain that we are getting accurate
information about your experience at the Temple. It would be a true
contribution from you to the Temple Guardians as a while if you can take
the time to fill out our feedback survey located here:
Some Guardians have let us know that they did not receive their bandannas
or other items, if you did not, please fill out this contact form so that
we can set one aside for you:

We’ve also had some requests for another run of t-shirts and hoodies.
We’re collecting information for that here:
and we will begin the process of getting shirts printed as soon as we have
interest for at least 25 garments.

Lastly, please update your records to make sure we have your current email
and mailing address on your Burner Profile:

Thank you for the great contribution that you are to the Temple and to our
community as a whole. We will miss you while we are away, and we look
forward to seeing your shining faces at our next Temple in 2017!

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